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A Guide for the Introverted Artist

Do you enjoy the quiet solitude of creating art by yourself?  Do you tend to stay away from noisy and chaotic environments?  Are you a good listener who is more likely to share your thoughts with a close friend than with a group?   If so, you may be an introverted artist.   

Most art advice books will tell you to show your smiling face at gallery openings and be prepared to give an elevator speech that describes your art in under 60 seconds.  It's wonderful advice if you can pull it off.  But if you are like me you'd rather stay home and read a good book. ....and I've got just the book for you.

I won't advise you to teach workshops or make nice with strangers in A Guide for the Introverted Artist.You'll receive specialized tips, inspirational quotes for introverts and illustrated advice on "getting out of your head and into your studio."  If you haven't started sharing your work online or if you need a little push doing so, it's a must-have! 
  • "Thank you so much for writing this book! I have admired your artwork on Daily Paintworks for quite a while, and it led me to this book. I have been hearing all the advice about the extravert-type ways to sell your art and it makes me physically ill to even think of doing some of those things. This was very inspiring! Thank you for an excellent new look at my art career.  I would give this stars but it doesn't let me!" --Elizabeth Amanda Elgin
  • "I donít read much of this kind of artist-self help books but the oneís I have read always annoyed me a bit. But this book is a real treat. Itís well written, contains clear and good advice for the Non-Shouting artist. I will surely recommend this to my fellow artists." --Martin Hoogeboom
  • "This book is solid with good advice for any artist in today's marketplace. Beautifully illustrated with the author's own work, this was written to be a fast read that both educates and inspires the shy artist, (actually any artist,) on why and how.... to get out into today's new world of technical advantage for those of us who are introverted. Very good advice all around from the importance and end results of working daily, being an artist, handling blog writing, inner criticism, to good places to sell one's art, and more in this little gem. From the author's own experience, she is not afraid to share her failures and what she learned, as well as her many successes."  (Barnes & Noble website)  

A Guide for the Introverted Artist is available through these online sellers:  Smashwords  |  Barnes & Noble 

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